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Get to your Great

We all struggle at times, feel lost, isolated or alone when facing an overwhelming emotional experience. Maybe it's a sense that you're falling behind or can't keep up with everything and everyone. 

Therapy is a way to relieve that sense of struggle forming a trusting, collaborative relationship with someone who accepts you just as you are. Together we seek the combination of therapeutic approaches that best suits your needs to guide you to more than heal and Get to your Great.

Kala Therapies

At Kala Therapies we believe healing happens in connection with another. Our therapy sessions give you the confidential, safe space to talk to someone objective, where you can share feelings you may find difficult to discuss with others close to you.

As each person is unique, you require a personalised therapeutic approach. Incorporating a number of effective therapeutic techniques to take steps towards living a more fulfilling life and deepen your connection with yourself and others. A lasting appreciation of yourself, your strengths and capabilities building internal resources to deal with challenges you may face.

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