Life Transitions

A 'transition’  in literal terms is the process of going from one state or condition to another. Our lives are full of change and transition, some are expected and some unexpected. The way react to changes together with the feelings experienced with the transitions may affect the way we feel internally about ourselves as well as others. What can feel like a big transition for one may not be seen by another. Some transitions may be:

  • Change to part-time from full-time or working in the office after being at home 
  • Moving Jobs
  • Significant birthdays 21, 50 or 60
  • Getting married
  • Retiring
  • Leaving home, either for university or for another reason
  • Being single after a relationship or being in a relationship after been single
  • Having a baby
  • Illness or an accident that has affected you or someone you love
  • Experiencing your child or children leaving home
  • Feeling lonely or isolated 

Perhaps others around you are in transition and you are not. When friends, family or colleagues are marrying, having children, moving house and you are not making you feel unhappy, anxious, or worried about your own life and how you would like things to be different.

Therapy for these life transitions can help prepare for such transitions , those that we exepct and make sense fo the transitions we did not exepct. Therapy can help you to begin to connect with yourself again, to manage your own wellbeing and to think about the future differently.