Everyone feels anxiety from time to time. Indeed we need some of it to start the day however at times excessive worry, fear, or dread become an unwanted part of our daily life. When the tension does not go away, and you cannot stop going over things in your mind or feeling unsettled in your body you most likely have anxiety.

People describe anxiety in many different ways. It can be a feeling of apprehension or dread in situations where there is no actual real threat and is disproportionate to the situation faced, sometimes continuing even after a concern has passed.

It can range from constant low-level tension to disruptive, intrusive distress or thoughts, to full-blown panic. Anxiety can take over your life and get in the way of you living. It can feel like a gradual or fast trek up a mountain. Together we will find a way for you to get back in charge and not allow your fears to get in the way of you living your life.

We are here to help you find peace and calm.