What challenges do you expereince?

Do you feel stressed and anxious? Sad and depressed? Or are you  struggling with your relationship or career?  Could it be a sense that you're falling behind and can't keep up with everything and everyone around you? Our goal is to help you directly address these struggles with a authenticity, genuiness and warmth. Once there, you will have the necessary resources to face life’s challenges with resourcefulness, calm, tenacity, and enduring respect for yourself.


Are you feeling restless or on edge? Do you avoid situations that feel overwhelming or find yourself worrying much of your day? Does it feel you can’t take control no matter how hard you try?


Feeling waves of being hopeless, disconnected and alone? Do you lack motivation and have lost interest in usual activities? Feeling worthless and guilty? Perhaps you feel you repeat patterns in your mood and want to understand where that comes from and set about challenging it.


Are you easily startled or frightened? Always being on guard for danger? Do you have self-destructive behaviour, such as drinking too much or driving too fast? Or perhaps trouble sleeping or concentrating? Maybe you are Irritable, angry with outbursts followed by overwhelming guilt or shame.


Are you feeling bored in a relationship or ‘stuck’? Do you fight with your partner for reasons unexplained or for reasons that you do not understand. Do you feel you or your partner are not committed to the relationship? Or do you question why you are not in a relationship? Maybe you are coming out of a break up wanting to process what has happened no matter how recent or long ago that break up was.

Life Transitions

Do you feel overwhelmed with change and transitions? Do they feel they are difficult to mange?

Are you going back to the office after working from home and have social phobias or other fears?Do you feel like an imposter, that you do not belong in a new job, new relationship and will be seen as a fraud? Or do you want the space to discover more about yourself and who you are and things are moving too fast?